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Dating foreign service panasonic fan

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I turned the fan on, and touched the fan directly( to check whether there is any flow of current) since i dont have a test pen thaha. Kawakita Denki Kigyosha (Japanese for "Kawakita Electric Company"; commonly known as KDK), is the brand name used by Matsushita Ecology Systems Co., Ltd., a separate company of the Panasonic Corporation (formerly the Matsushita Electric Industrial Group) now Panasonic Ecology Systems Co.

I had accumulated three floor standing fans which had stopped rotating.I trawled the web for months but just could not find any info on where the fuse was and how to replace it.Finally I decided to sacrifice one of the fans and dissected all the wires going into the windings.ONLY TRY THIS IF YOU CAN' T GET A NEW TERMINAL FUSE.I have a panasonic table fan.i want to change the bearing of the motor but when i remove the motor i didnt realize there is a connector attached at the coil connector pulled off from the coil winding. Any idea on standing fans, that is able to spin briefly for approximately 2 secs and just stops. Five 4" leads with 4-pin female connector (0.1" spacing). Designed for installation in a clear computer case, these cooling fans display your message or name in red and blue LEDs that create the illusion of letters and words over the rotating blades.

Tiny high speed fan, moves a lot of air for its size.

The beauty, innocence, fun, openness and genuine honesty would be words to describe what I felt! I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation and thanks to you and your agency for all the assistance and advice rendered.

As things stand, you have proven to be reliable, trustworthy and very efficient.

Cross head screw driver Flat tip screw driver Scissors or Pen knife Soldering Iron and some Solder Some string about 0.5mm in diameter Spare wire, about 60cm long Capacitor 1.4u F 450VAC (if required) Thermal Fuse 130degree C, 1A, 250Vac (note: I could only find a 2A 130deg replacement @$1.50SGD a piece from the local electronic component shops. 1) I have a question how can you know if the therma fuses is not working. On the schematic diagram shown on page 2 " Troubleshooting" point B of the capacitor is linked to neutral (blue wire) via the thermal fuse BUT where does the C connection of the capacitor (white wire on the diagram) is linked to?

Sorry I don't have equivalent part number from Mouser, RS n Digikey) Hi, i need help i have a problem fixing my fan, i cleaned & oil it, but my fan doesn't work still vibrating, i tried trouble shoot it looks fine all in tack (i think). (if still vibrating does it means that the therma fuse still ok? Thanks I followed all the steps and was able to fix my fan though it's a little complicated but was very adventurous and this is actually my first time...I kind of did something though not healthy but it worked as related to my "terminal fuse" I was able to get a new capacitor but couldn't get the terminal fuse so I short-circuit the fuse don't know if that's the right word "short-circuit" but it has a good ring to it.

Is there any way to solder them back or dispose the fan? There are no problems with the 3A fuse, the capacitor nor the grease. I have accumulated 3 fans of different makes and brand. Tried replacing the capacitor which doesn't see any improvement.