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Dating and flirting tips for women

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Slightly arch your back so you emphasize your chest. If he isn’t then he probably isn’t good “mate” material.Don’t over do it or you’ll seem awkward and, dare we say it, desperate. In short, where flirting is concerned – it’s three strikes and out.

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Well, actually you should be just different enough to stand out. In their testosterone driven minds the equation is simple: Skin = availability.We’ve had so many requests for male and female flirting tips that we’ve bowed to pressure and included a section.Actually, it’s been quite a lot of fun to prepare as we’ve tried them out as a social experiment – and they actually work. This is very powerful body language and both guys and girls get “very” upset (and quickly) if the “strong” flirting signals turn out to just be a tease.As he walks over you need to increase your smile and open your posture to welcome him.Both you and he know that this is literally the first step.Girls that reject a guy often go up in the estimation of their friends (they have high standards) whereas a guy that fails always goes down in the estimation of his friends (loser). He’ll probably move slowly and look for reassurance from you.

Guys have learnt that even if all the signals are “right” they can still be rejected. At any time he can turn away and bypass you if he feels that the “vibe” isn’t right. If you’re with friends then they’ll have noticed your “play” and if he turns away then you lose.

Be graceful and keep moving with poise and confidence.

Men are psychologically programmed to “zone-in” on this kind of movement.

If you’re a woman then trust your instincts as he approaches.

Watch out for weird-walks, frozen smiles, glassy eyes and guys that keep looking at their buddies.

You give him a hint of a mischievous smile, an interested glance, and then look down (Not away). I’m feeling good that she’s interested but do I actually want to do this? If he still does nothing then you can try a third attempt.