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Dating african men problems

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Traditionally whoever makes the money calls the shots.In those days women were not educated and domestics cooking and cleaning.

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“I help out because I love my wife,” one interviewee told us, “but if she were to come to me and say we are splitting the house chores 50-50, now that … It is not our culture no matter what modern society might be telling our women.”Several others said they find a woman most attractive if she keeps her surroundings, (and her person) clean.This is a part of our culture that, according to Alfred Ennin – one of the men AG spoke with – will probably never change.“It has kept the peace in many homes and provides a sound family structure.And to be frank you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, so you supported whatever he said as long as he provided.So I say all of this just to offer another viewpoint…yes american men have problems but so do Africans…your women were raised to be submissive which is great for you but American women as a whole are conditioned to be independent so the only hand to be bitten is our own…we will not submit to someone who we feel we are not respected by…also you may not see the list above as disrespectful but in our eyes it is.Also to the gentleman who commented about precieved lack of american culture…that is a very ignorant statement just because women do not submit…we have our own culture which we have assimilated and adapted to our own.

Its all about perception Proud “African” American woman who dated a Cameroonian for over a year.

Those who care to admit it will make known the fact that dating African men can be quite complex for women who do not know their way around the complications of these gentle – yet firm, protective – yet defensive, peace loving – yet forceful souls.

Dating them, of course, has its myths, half-truths and truths, but once women are able to wrap their minds and emotions around the many unspoken rules that come with dating African men, the two can live together in perfect unity.

Apparently, the saying “stand by your man,” was not just sung in the 50’s and 60’s. Many men said they want, and need to know, that their woman will be there for them, to support them and care for them no matter the circumstances: whether rich or poor, educated or not, faithful or not…As society changes, so do the dynamics in many relationships – out with the old way of doing things and in with the new – but not when it comes to who’s responsible for keeping the home.

Many African men still believe this is the primary responsibility of the woman in the house.

A few are in fulfilling relationships, and others are married and content.