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Dating a posh girl

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boys Jacob William Henry / Harry Alfie Noah George Lawrence George Charles girls Vanessa Victoria Beatrice Elizabeth Lucy Grace Amelia Francesca penelope i wanted my little girl to be called penelope Grace, OH would not have it...

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OH had wanted Roxanne (Roxie)as our daughters name but it just reminds me of a hooker and said no way (sorry if anyones child is called Roxanne)we did have skyler picked out but last min changed it to Abigail Ella its funny but it suits her, i don't see her as a anything else ...I guess I'd base it on how I was treated by her family and friends.If they looked down on me, then I'd have to pass on seeing the girl anymore.Before anyone judges or starts with the quips, I am NOT a snob!!!He asked the questions about where I went to school etc, I never once brought it up!Frankly I think you look like quite the catch but it takes a lot of moxie to defy conventions of class/economic status and not everyone is capable of doing this.

Also, people from different economic backgrounds evolve different value systems and this can be an ongoing source of friction. You have a LOT going on and many facets and talents (accomplished musician, second degree, finance recruitment job, travel, horse riding) - these all scream rich girl and potentially high maintenance (I realize you can pay your way - but what if he can't pay his?

People say that my children's names are posh - my husband and his family are all well spoken too but we're not posh. Normal names I think but my niece asked the other day at a family party "why do uncle Antony and Aunty Gemma talk proper? I wanted Hannah for a girl but DH thinks it's posh and refuses to consider it. I also liked Vanessa but again - DH thinks its too posh.

I keep trying....i don't want a child with the same name as half a dozen others in their class.

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