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While dancing at 95 Slide, one of their favorite songs from high school comes on and they begin dancing.The next day they have lunch and talk out their beef, which basically boils down to Orlana not communicating her deeper issues with Jordan before icing her out and Jordan not being a pro at empathizing.

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After she states, “I don’t think people get it, like words hurt. When she adds, “There was a time where I was so sad that I tried to commit suicide,” the audio quality suddenly dips so drastically that they actually put subtitles on the screen to convey the world clearly, before picking up the conversation again with clear sound.While having lunch with Jenn and Kim, Orlana shares the story about how she once attempted suicide.Subsequently, Jordan wasn’t overly warm and empathetic when her friend shared the news of this low point.Watching it just leaves a gross taste in the mouth.(On the positive side, MTV did end the segment with a PSA about the mental health support website Halfof ) But the Bad Blood, Orlana and Jordan turns out to be incredibly easy to get past.After things blow over, Jenn and Peter end up on a couch, where Peter continually kisses her cheek until they begin making out.

There goes that strange new long distance boyfriend, Jenn. In “oh right, I forgot this was a storyline” news: After weeks of boring tension with no action, Jordan and Orlana’s Bad Blood finally came to the surface this week.

After the episode's second one-lunch peace summit, their issues disappear, which is probably why producers had put off their storyline for so long and never tried to build it too much.

There’s just wasn’t a well of vitriolic drama to drill.

Katrina’s jealousy of her sister Anna getting hot and heavy with Peter finally drove the spike into the heart of that relationship.

After going on another third wheel outing with Anna and Peter, Katrina finally looses it.

(Tangent: This week MTV kept running one of those bottom corner ads for one of its fictionalized original programs called .