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Create videoblogs autoupdatings

There are groups working to support events, to create outreach and training programs, and generally support the community.

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Learn more about Polyglots » Answering a question in the support forums or IRC is one of the easiest ways to start contributing. This blog is the place for discussion of issues around support.If you enjoy teaching people how to use and build stuff for Word Press, immediately stop what you’re doing and join our team!Learn more about Training » The Flow team patrols flow across the entire Word Press ecosystem on every device we have at hand.The blog has discussion around the team’s current projects.Learn more about Documentation » The Theme Review Team reviews and approves every Theme submitted to the Word Press Theme repository.Enter Networked Blogs – a Facebook app you can use to import your blog into a Facebook profile or Page.

Here’s a great video from Facebook expert Andrea Vahl that explains how to import your blog into the Networked Blogs app and then syndicate it to your Facebook profile or Page.

They also help Word Camps with video post-production and are responsible for the captioning and subtitling of published videos.

Reviewing videos is a great way to learn about Word Press and help the community: experience is not required to get involved.

We immerse ourselves in the context of what we are making and champion user experience.

Learn more about Flow » The TV team reviews and approves every video submitted to Word

Learn more about Themes » If you are a Plugin developer, subscribe to the Plugin review team blog to keep up with the latest updates, find resources, and learn about any issues around Plugin development.