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The last sad obsequies were held from her late home on Monday afternoon at one o'clock.

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In 1856 she married Philip Alexander, shortly afterwards coming to Canada and settling in South Fredericksburgh, later on taking up residence in Portsmouth, and about ten years ago becoming a resident of Kingston. ALLARD nee RACIOT - It is my painful duty to record in the columns of the Faithful Messenger the death of another of our well beloved sisters, Mrs. Shortly before her death our sister had a long conversation with her aged mother and her family, in which she expressed an ardent desire that her children might give their hearts to God, so as to meet her above, and that she might say, in the words of the prophet, Here am I and the children which God hath given me. Henry Capdeville (Margaret), Camarillo, Calif.; Mrs. John Heffer (Bella), Picton; Alexander, Adolphustown; Mrs. The funeral services were held at the family residence on Saturday, May 19th, at 2 p.m., and were conducted by his Pastor, Rev. , "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life." The esteem in which deceased was held was shown by the large number who attended the funeral services. Allan Seed Company was organized, several American capitalists becoming interested and Mr. In addition to the Picton house this company controlled several branches in the United States and conducted business on a large scale. Dave as he was known to his many friends will be remembered as a son of Mr. Wooton, the firm being Abbott and Wootton druggists, Sparks street. At the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston on Monday, August 20, 1979, Ethel May Robinson, Sandhurst. Family received friends, Tuesday at to and 7-9 p.m. Trumpour, dear mother of John, San Francisco; and Ronald, Seattle; NEWBURG - Rev. Lukes Cemetery in Camden East where the interment was made. Her husband, six sons and two daughters survive, one son having died two years ago. Johnston, of Wesley Methodist Church, in the midst of many sorrowing friends and neighbors. Israel Stewart preceded his daughter in death by just three days. AN OLD RESIDENT GONE - Word was received Tuesday of the death at Toronto Jan. Alcombrack, widow of the late Philip Alcombrack, of Hawley. Deceased had only been ill a few days of pneumonia. In 1867, James Allen moved to Napanee, and in the same year was appointed chief of police, a position he retained until his death. Williams, of Toronto, and Helen, who resides at home, are left to mourn his loss. He was born May 20th, 1862, and always lived on the same farm until he died. Allan was engaged continuously in the seed business in Picton up to a few years ago. William Abbott, and for a time in business with Mr. Beloved wife of Wilfred Ackerman, in her 84th year. ADA, Winnifred Joyce, (RN) - At peace, in Memorial Hospital, Greenville, South Caroline, May 19 1981, Winnifred Ada, beloved daughter of the late Reverend and Mrs. Besides her husband she leaves a daughter, Miss Lorraine, nurse-in-training at the Kingston General Hospital, a son James at home, her father, Capt. Jones of Toronto, and a brother, James Slade, residing in the United , in Toronto, after two days of illness, Mrs. Her remains were laid to rest in Mount Pleasant cemetery, the funeral services being performed by Rev. Deceased was well known in these parts, having lived all her life at Hamburg, there rearing her family of five sons and one daughter. and Leonard, in Toronto, John at Cataraqui, and Jacob, at Hamburg and only daughter, Lancy, Mrs Sills, with whom she spent her declining years and who tenderly cared for her in her last illness - pneumonia - which was the cause of her death. Alcombrack passed peacefully and beautifully away, conscious up to the last, and exclaiming, "I am on the Rock." Three sons and three grandsons acted as pall bearers. Sydney Anderson (Jean), Cataraqui in his 90th year. A wife, two daughters and one son are left to mourn a tender husband and father. For twenty-two years he faithfully served this town as chief of police and growing up with the town and knowing all of its history, he was looked upon as an authority on all matters pertaining to this municipality. They have the sympathy of the entire community in their great affliction. His grandfather was born in Ireland, and also his mother, who came to Canada when six years of age. He was an industrious farmer, a worthy citizen, a good neighbor, always ready to do a favor, consistent in business, and honorable in his dealings. His was the pioneer house in this district in the fancy pea raising industry and many thousands of dollars have been paid through his agency to the farmers of Prince Edward and adjoining counties for the product grown from seed furnished by him. 9, 1875, in Camden East, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Canon W. He was married in 1845 to Miss Nash, a daughter of the late Thomas Nash, J. of Picton, who survives him, with several of their sons and daughters. In politics he was a staunch Conservative and a warm personal friend of Sir John Macdonald, Hon. He was, for years, a prominent member of the Church of England. He was riding on a wagon load of wood being pulled by a tractor driven by his son Percy. Allison was born at Adolphustown and was in his 82nd year. He was the most elderly member of the Bay of Quinte Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada. Allison, at one time Member of Parliament for Lennox-Addington in the 1880's, and his wife, the former Florence I. Allison graduated in medicine from Queen's in 1900 and did post-graduate study in England. Allison, was gradually sinking, and on Tuesday afternoon the end came. Years ago he erected on the bay shore a splendid mausoleum of solid cut stone, which is nearly as indestructible, either by time or the elements as it is possible to make and there the remains of himself and family will be placed when their career here is ended. Allison, 81, of Adolphustown, a descendant of United Empire Loyalists, died recently at S. The sons are Thomas and Charles, well known residents of Adolphustown; and James, who resides in Portland, Oregon. Under the instrumentality of the late Lord Cecil he became thoroughly converted, years ago, and was ever after a zealous member of the Plymouth Brethren. Loyst, the grandfathers and grandmothers; for the grief which is more especially theirs, and that the dear Master in his own good time may take us to that home where parting is no more. The trailer unhooked from the tractor, the tongue, striking the highway, swerved and Mr. He was a direct descendant of the United Empire Loyalists, and had always resided in Adolphustown township. Surviving are four children, Balfour and Percy and Harriet at home, Mrs. One of the youngest medical graduates of Queen's University, Kingston, and a member of one of the oldest families in Ontario, Dr. He practised for a year at Mountain Grove before moving to the United States in 1902. ALLISON For two weeks past a prominent citizen of the township of Adolphustown, and widely known and highly esteemed throughout Lennox, Mr. Deceased had attained the patriarchal age of eighty-five years, but there is little doubt his death was prematurely hastened through an accident at Picton over a year ago, when he was knocked down by a runaway horse, and so badly shaken up and injured that from that time on his decline was marked. Lawrence Place, Kingston, following a short illness, and was interned in the Allison Family Mausoleum here following cremation. His second wife survives and was formerly Miss Bella Lake, daughter of Mr. Jonathon, father of the deceased, spent all his days in Adolphustown, where he died many years ago, and lies buried in the Church of England cemetery there. His name appears in the old records as Township clerk of Adolphustown sixty-two years ago, in the days of the old time town meetings. Gerald Courtney (Shirley) of Picton, Ronald Carman and Marilyn Chiles; a great grandchild, Keith Arthur Courtney, Picton. Allison are four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The floral decorations were beautiful and in excellent taste.

He was a man of a good deal of enterprise, and is said to have built the first brick house in the township, the remains of which stood until a few years ago. Parker Allen spent all his years in his native township on a farm just a lot or two east of where he was born. He was several times a member of the Township Council and also represented his native township in the old united counties council, which sat in Kingston over forty years ago. Pall bearers were Jack Duffett, Alex Allen, Jonathan Allen, Hugh Allison, Jack Prout and Jack Roblin. Allison died November 18, 1962 in Prince Edward County Hospital, Picton, three days after being admitted after suffering injuries in a farm accident. Surviving are sons Balfour and Percy and daughter Harriet at home, and one daughter, Mrs. He spent his life on the family homestead at Adolphustown where he was born. Allison took an active part in municipal business and community affairs. Methodist church on Thursday afternoon, and was attended by a large concourse of people, many of who came from a distance to pay a last tribute of respect to their departed friend. Allison entered commercial pursuits, and how successful his exertions were is best learned by looking at the position which he held in the industrial life of the country.

He was one of the first members of the first Lennox and Addington County Milk Producers' Association and was first vice-president of the Cheese Producers' Association in the county before it became part of the Ontario Milk Marketing Board and he served on the local board. The funeral was held at Tierney Funeral Home, Napanee, with interment at Riverview Cemetery here. In the Maritime provinces, as well as pretty generally throughout Ontario, the family is now well represented. Allison - At Kingston General Hospital on Monday, January 14, 1963, Henry Ross Allison, beloved husband of Evelyn Parks, dear father of Robert, Kingston; Mrs.

Allison, Hugh - At Kingston General Hospital on Thursday, August 7, 1975, Frederick Hugh Allison, Adolphustown, aged 75, beloved husband of Marjorie Parks, dear father of Mrs. 7 at Kingston General Hospital after a lengthy period of ill-health. He was predeceased by a brother, Ross Allison, Adolphustown. Allison, Morley Conner, Frank Herrington, Wilfred Mc Cabe and Sidney Worsfold. After the American revolution the family, which was a large one, got very widely scattered in the States and Canada. Few families have occupied so long a prominent position in municipal and political affairs, in church and educational matters than that of which the deceased was a respected member.

Cornelius, and they together started to find the missing man.

Allan Seed Company with headquarters at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Allan in connection with a seed house is an asset worth retaining and has a worldwide reputation. Allan took an active part in municipal affairs, and in the seventies was mayor of Picton for several years in succession. Gibbs., Esq., who died about a year ago, leaving two daughters. His grandfather, Joseph Allen, was a Quaker and large mill owner in New Jersey when the American revolution began.

It may yet be remembered by some readers of The Beaver, that it was while on a trip to Mr. Stratton, George Chalmers, Arthur Chalmers and Parker Allen officiating as bearers. "What I do thou knowest not now, but thou shalt know hereafter." By her innocence, sweet spirit and entertaining ways, Anita had won for herself a wide circle of friends, and with her death much sunshine has gone from her school-mates and the home. Funeral service for Arthur Wright Allison of Adolphustown, was held from the Tierney Funeral Home, Napanee, Friday, November 21, to Dorland United Church. He was an esteemed resident, a good neighbor and will be greatly missed. David Membery Allison, died early last Thursday morning at his home in Camden, New York. His earlier education was received at Adolphustown and Picton High School. Allison, of Napanee, who formerly taught at Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, and two brothers, John B.