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Christian dating no chemistry

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Since your belief in God plays a big role in your life, you want to try to remain true to those beliefs while at the same time find someone suitable to share your life with.

At e Harmony Canada, we understand that Christian singles are looking for long-lasting, meaningful relationships with people who share their beliefs.If you want to find the girl, hold to your beliefs.You are much more likely to find someone that you are compatible with and who can share or at least respect your Christian values.We also understand how important location is in finding a match, and that Canadian singles are looking for people in their area who share their interests, beliefs and ideals, as well as their cultural heritage.e Harmony's in-depth relationship questionnaire allows you to determine what you’re really looking for, and then helps you find it.You will have to meet a lot of girls (not altogether a bad thing) and get to know them.

Some may be duds but with a little prayer and faith, you are bound to meet the right one eventually.

It is natural to try to adapt to someone else’s standards in order to seem more attractive.

But for Christian men, the trick is to remain true to your faith and values.

Unlike other Christian dating sites, e Harmony matches singles based on compatibility, helping people find each other by identifying the things that really matter to them.

As a Christian, your values and beliefs drive every decision you make, so when it comes to dating, you want to ensure that you’re meeting Christian singles with a similar outlook.

But when it comes to dating, God is not going to do all of the work for you.