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Cerulean star dating

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction As the human member of the Volturi, Bella is sent to live with her biological father in Forks. And how will her relationship with the Volturi effect her love for Edward? The fifteen that I speak of, the Volturi, are not only the permanent fixtures in Volterra; but they are also the peace-keeping, rulers of all of the vampires.

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Instead of headed back toward the tourist friendly part of town, I was headed into the warehouse district, where the streetlights were scarce.At least I think they were following me, they were trying not to make eye contact with me.Nevertheless, there was something unnerving about them walking without making a sound.I continued walking in the general direction that Angela had showed me, but I couldn't find anything that resembled a bookstore.There was a New Age store that I passed but I hoped that wasn't the bookstore that Angela envisioned in her head.Now seventeen years ago, Heidi, the gorgeous vampire with the ridiculously long legs and mahogany hair, went on a fishing expedition.

At least that was the way I described her task of finding humans and bringing them back to the castle for my family to eat.

Aro drained the poor girl that day and was about to have one of the guards clean up the mess when he noticed that his victim had a death grip on something under her shawl.

When he peeled the fabric back, he saw me, a tiny baby of only a few weeks.

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But then again, the way she dumped Tyler for Edward in a heartbeat..., maybe she did.