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Are erin and maks dating

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Andrews wasn't shy about gushing over her partner, either."When Kentucky was upset, [Maks] texted me about it," Andrews said of having to miss some of the NCAA tournament for rehearsal.Erin Andrews is on thin ice with Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy after spilling the beans on the couple's baby news -- their SECRET baby news.

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Our production sources say Erin was mic'd up when she walked up to Peta and Maksim and congratulated them ... We're told the couple was pissed since they hadn't told some of their closest friends and family yet -- and they were still planning a big announcement.He seems delightful, like a giant Ukrainian teddy bear. Apparently, he wasn’t supposed to spread the news, but justified his decision as “payback” for that one time that Erin accidentally blabbed about his pregnancy news with fiancee Peta Murgatroyd, 30, earlier this year.In fact, just recently, the sports broadcaster took to Twitter on Dec.8, to tweet and an image about cold temperatures with a pretty cryptic message!Erin apologized, but we're told she kept trying to blow it off as a joke ... Ironically, the next night, Peta did some blabbing of her own. At least Erin can make up for her mistake with an expensive baby gift.

After she and dancing partner Nyle Di Marco won the 'DWTS' title, she posted on Facebook ...

Erin Andrews from ESPN and professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy are burning up the dance floor on the ABC reality show "Dancing with the Stars" and some have claimed they may be getting quite cozy off the show as well. The beautiful reporter certainly sang his praises on the Ellen De Generes show, calling her handsome dance partner her personal defender.

"I've got a Russian on my side that isn't going to let anyone come near me," Andrews said.

Andrews joked, "Depends on what day you get us on." Andrews did get serious as well saying: "[I wanted to] come and be on a show where millions of people watch and just say, 'If you're stalked or a victim of video voyeurism you shouldn't be embarrassed -- you should live your life.'" Last year, Andrews was the victim of a crime as nude video taken without her knowledge through a peephole was uploaded online for the world to see.

An arrest of the person responsible followed an he is now in jail.

pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who was Andrews' partner in season 10 in 2010, also hinted at her engagement during an interview with FOX 5 TV in Las Vegas Friday.