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Am i dating a dork

am i dating a dork-70

It could be Mac Kenzie-level mean, where they stole from her or blackmailed her or stuffed her into a locker.

Don't worry about her sweetness, she's finding herself, it's when she starts going 'gothic' you gotta worry.They don't cause a fuss, and most often they're barely a blip on the social radar. And to make matters worse, dorks assume they're cool. "SO DON'T CALL YOUR DAUGHTER A DORK, IT'S AN INSULT IN HIGH SCHOOL LANGUAGE.If you don't know the meaning of dork still, do an okcupid online test. It was created by Harvard Business School grads, so it's a valid test. Trust me there are worse teenagers who act and look exactly like dorks at 14. You are just going crazy because you are the dad here.Come right out and tell her how special she is to you and let her know that you might have some new friends, but she’ll always be your forever BF.On the other hand, I wonder what your BFF means when she says they were “really mean to her.” That could mean a lot of things.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. soon you'll be wondering where's my dork I want her back.

You know, those things called boys, the bane of all fathers lol.

If she just doesn’t get along with them, be sure she knows you’re not giving up on your friendship with her—you’re just expanding your world.

But if something Mac Kenzie-level bad went down, give your BFF the loyalty you’d want from her.

If your BFF started hanging out with some girls who had been truly awful to you, how would you feel?

I’d sit down with your BFF, make sure she knows how much you can’t live without her, and then ask her to tell you more about what happened with these girls.

If she ends up all spiffy like my friend Kat, all will be good.