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African scams from online dating

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They promise to identify who the scammer is and for an additional fee have them arrested and bring them to justice.Many people have been contacted by these fakes asking for money to assist. There are some fake detectives/investigators that have set up web sites stating they are NET Detectives.

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We spoke with the FBI about the affiliations and were told that they are PAID associations and anyone can be a member if they pay the fee. The FBI also has told us there is NO WAY for anyone to really trace who the scammers are from this end.After being scammed you are put on a “contact” list by the scammers.You will be receiving random instant messages and emails from people you do not know. Please immediately block them and report them as "spam".You will know within 5 minutes if it’s a scammer by looking at the profile, how they write/speak, their picture, they state they live in a West African country (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, to name a few), they confess their love in the first meeting, they claim God brought you to them, etc.Eventually if you keep blocking them, they will stop and you will be placed on a “NO” contact list.The male victims, who think they're talking to a real beauty, may in fact be talking to a male as young as 13 years old.

The pictures are stolen from various sites and previous victims. Recently scammers have been using previous victims' photos from dating and social networking sites. All services, all hotel rooms, and all hospital services must be paid for in advance.

If the investigator is based in Nigeria or any other West African country (and more recently in Malaysia and the United Kingdom), they are also most likely a scammer.

While these "investigators" make it sound good, after they have supposedly located your scammer, they need additional money to have them arrested and brought to justice.

After that the scammer will draw them in further ending up actually using the victim to scam other people.

We were informed by the FBI, about a woman they dealt with who has visited her scammer four times. After that, she started getting drawn in to help her "love". Turning in evidence can get her a lighter sentence.

Scammers may claim they're being held hostage in the hospital.