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from your very sexy perfect bare feet to your lovely long legs to your perfect little titties. i stroke my cock for a moment and gather up the courage to deflower you. Stranger: Slightly out of breathe I say of course daddy, don't stop You: little did we know that there was a spy in the shadows in the hallway watching us! I will go in slowlyand once you're used to me, i'll start fucking you like crazy! i could feel the cum leaking out of you as I continued to pound on you. i was sweaty and hot and could see a sheen of sweat on your hot teen body as your chest heaved with deep orgasmic breaths! i just close my eyes and enjoy the post orgasmic bliss.

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I spread her legs and lick her pussy and rub my slick cock up and down her she cums herself she buries her tongue deeply inside your pussy and brings you off to another earth shattering orgasm yourself!the room is filled with the smell of young girl sex and moans of pleasure. Stranger: Girl You: damn - would you mind if we did this again sometime?I feel your cock on my pussy so I start rubbing my hips on u back and forth You: oh wow - i didn't expect my hot teen girl to be so bold - i love it!I toss the book aside and place my hands around your sexy waist and start to lick and suck your delicious firm little tits. Stranger: I choose daddy ;) You: i like being a girl's daddy! I come by to wish you a good night - knock knock sweetie - can I come in? You: no sweety - it's just that you are so beautiful. I let my fingers creep a little closer to your panty covered pussy.

You are on your bed in a t shirt reading a book with your pretty bare feet up in the air. my voice is a little raspy becuase i'm nervous. Stranger: I start to notice the change and I ask daddy is something wrong? I begin to slowly raise the hem of your t-shirt up a little higher and expose more of your sexy leg.

i didn't even care now about your little sister so i just started licking your leaking pussy and cleaned out all the cum I could get. Stranger: I tell you I saw my sister, you look shocked, then I tell you it's okay.

I slid up your hot bod and french kissed you and shared my cum with you. Since you love both of us why done you get her in here too - with a big smile Stranger: Dont You: [ you are GREAT at this!!! but i look up and see bianca still standing there so I smile at her and say come here sweetie! I bet your big sister can teach you a few things about what we just did!

Stranger: I start to grin then kiss u on the forehead You: mmm - my little sweetie seems to like the attention!

Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ' Stranger:'. You: Horny man looking to role play with a girl – I can be ur daddy, uncle, teacher, coach – whatever you like. what is your role and how old are u in this role play? I'm worried that you might get upset, so I wait for a sign that you are ok with my exploring...

You: soon i am in all the way and begin to slowly fuck - god her cunt is so tight!