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It also features removal of the Internet Explorer plugin, Mozilla plugin, autorun on boot and desktop shortcut.

When people say they don't know what Twitter's business model is they're being silly. This idea arrived at the end of a chain of events started by inviting Guy Kawasaki to use my 40-tweets app. He said it was so they could use Adsense to track clicks. I found a way to work around the issue without having to parse the HTML and then forgot it. A few days later Moreno mentioned in an email that another advantage is their shortener could be served statically from S3. Now, I'm not saying the people who retweet are stupid, or the impulse to pass on a link to everyone who follows you is stupid, but... And please understand this is my version of the story, I'm sure all the principals will have their own versions. Not saying the two Dans and Bob didn't, I'm pretty sure they did, but Mitch was really tuned in and watched users get confused and hung up with Visicalc, so he knew what to focus on for 1-2-3. It's all so predictable, you'd think one of the rising stars would figure it out and plan accordingly, but it seems they never do. I've seen users do some horrible things while the fires are burning, and I see some of that now. When you retweet something, none of the 140 characters should be used in saying that it's a retweet and who it came from. So somewhere out there is an idea for Twitter that, like 1-2-3, will represent the future, leaving Twitter to own the past. I've been watching the communication, and I think they're doing a really good job of explaining and their intentions are good. Today's Morning Coffee Notes podcast New podcast: Sidebar to last Sunday's Rebooting The News podcast with Jay Rosen, relating the blogger assignment desk idea to Hypercamp, which is a more comprehensive blueprint for how blogging becomes the backbone of news in the future. It's a piece of metadata about the tweet, and should be stored and displayed with the tweet. When the IBM PC came out everyone wanted new software for it, and the Visicalc guys just offered the same old stuff, but Mitch's software had a sexy UI (for the day) and ran like a bat out of hell, used all the memory of the PC, and had a macro language, so everyone bought 1-2-3 and that was the end of Visicalc. Any one of these things would be pretty taxing, but all at the same time -- well, it's gotta be hell on their side of the interface.Эти пакетные туры были разработаны с учетом не только пляжного отдыха на Боракае, но и культурной и развлекательной программы в Маниле, и не только.Вы можете выбрать отель в доступной для вас ценовой категории как две-три, так и 4 звезды. I already have three Mac Mini's, I love them, but I find myself interested in, even lusting for, an Asus Eee Box. I bought a Panasonic wifi webcam a couple of years ago, and it was pretty good, but it stopped working (maybe dropping it a few times had something to do with that). I'm looking for Mac software that samples the built-in camera every minute and saves the result to a file. I'm reading the docs for Facebook's Open Stream API, with fascination. Say I want to write an app to access my own stream. To subscribe, add this URL to your podcatcher (or i Tunes). Click the pic for comments, a full-size picture, link to the product page. Brad Pitt and Ed Norton will call theirs The Fight Club. An average Hollywood film costs two or three times as much as all the money Twitter, Inc. Click your heels three times and say "There's no place like home." Yours truly, over and out, Dave The Next Killer App is to Twitter as 1-2-3 was to Visicalc This post is dedicated to Mitch Kapor, Jonathan Sachs, Dan Fylstra, Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston, Ben Rosen, Ev, Biz, Jack, Bijan, Fred et al. After all, their software is what made the PC boom. ) and got money from a very smart man in NY, Ben Rosen, and started Lotus to make 1-2-3. I have to be able to edit the template, fully, so I can make it look like my blog. With all the new users just getting started, they're going to focus on getting them up the curve. Then we get comfortable with the technology and we want to order a la carte, to design our own meal. I think they're making really big mistakes in managing the community.

A headless, keyboardless, mouseless computer that doesn't cost too much, that isn't made by Apple. No need to pay Amazon $90 per month when I could buy a cheap computer for $300 and be done with it.) 3. " Rebooting the News #7 This week's 40-plus minute podcast with Jay Rosen and myself. And so will Larry King and Shaq, and all the celebs who have yet to make a splash on Twitter. " There's a lot of money to be made in these networks and it costs so little to start one. Remember, it's not Kansas anymore, the house fell on the witch and Ev and Biz are wearing the Ruby-red slippers. They were gods after all and Mitch was a mere mortal. It's a private thing, but since Visicalc rules, they got early access. They started to port Visicalc to it, but didn't do anything special. So he got together with a brilliant coder, Jonathan Sachs (so much for the spaghetti code! If you used Manila, I want to be able to delegate to managing editors and contributing editors. Easy hooks into Disqus (and competitors) so each tweet can be the beginning of a conversation. Plug-ins that hook into the UI so I can add commands to my Twitter, without modifying any source code. The ability to attach a picture, movie, MP3 or any arbitrary data to a tweet, basically the same power as the RSS 2.0 enclosure element. I guess my point is this -- soon there will be enough Twitter users who yearn for something really new, and it seems doubtful that Twitter-the-Company will want to give it to them. At first we need training wheels, and a tech company to provide the whole package.

A few weeks ago I got a fantastic toaster oven, and I've been looking for food it cooks well. Probably for many of the same reasons Visicalc didn't rise to meet the needs of experienced spreadsheet users. This is a good thing because two-party systems work, and one-party systems don't. Facebook would make OAuth their default way to hook into their identity system. If they do, everyone who follows will have to use OAuth.

I picked up one of these Di Giorno pizzas and man they are some good food. I'm not crazy about OAuth, but one way of doing something is better than two, no matter how much better the second is.

It's not Ray's, it's not NY pizza, which is still the best. (That's a version of the brilliant always-applicable Postel's Law.) 2.

Yeah it's made by Kraft and it probably is junk food. Breakage in the new Twitter UI I happy to report that I have the new Twitter user interface on my account and it's nice. Update: Just got a direct message from Twitter, they fixed the breakage. One or both of them should swallow hard and use some of their investor's money to provide developers with an open storage system to go along with their OAuth support.

Installing might be a little bit confusing, as double clicking the executable file does not launch any visible window, but the software is automatically installed in Program Files.