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Sexy teen chat logs

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Nous vous dirons ce dont vous avez besoin dans une relation, là où vous avez échoué (sans le savoir) dans vos relations passées et un plan sur mesure pour faire de votre prochaine relation un succès.Want to know who made the top twenty of Hollywood's sexiest ladies and gents? Or check out how the gals fared with our countdown of the top 50 sexiest female stars.

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We can also tell you, based on his visit to Empire for a webchat earlier this year, that he smells absolutely great.Witty, profoundly self-deprecating, genuinely funny and a little bit of a geek – what's not to love about Andrew Garfield?The Social Network saw him break through in Hollywood, but it was his turn as a simultaneously cocky-yet-unsure Spider-Man and his sizzling chemistry with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy that cemented his appeal.Pace is maybe the least famous person on this list, despite being a delight in Pushing Daisies and stealing scenes as Garrett in the Twilight finale (admittedly, not that hard when you've got good hair and the Cullens are stuck with those wigs).Now he's in The Hobbit, expect him to go stellar pretty darn fast – if, that is, he can get past his own blond fright wig.And no wonder: he's far too handsome to be an honest-to-goodness human being. : Probably Mitchell in Being Human, with an honourable mention for Kili in The Hobbit and a nod of acknowledgement to The Mortal Instruments' one redeeming feature, Turner's Luke Garroway.

So that's a vampire, a dwarf and a werewolf then.

There's something wounded and haunted about most of Colin Farrell's characters.

Even if they're outwardly cheeky and confident, there's a depth and a dark side that's never far away, giving all his characters a little something extra.

The loveably crumpled, environmentally aware and thoroughly down-to-earth star has far bigger fish to fry, between campaigning to outlaw fracking and returning to Avengers 2 as Bruce Banner once more.

As much as people like to gossip about his personal life and beliefs, let's get one thing clear: Tom Cruise is cool.

It's hard to remember the days when James Franco was just a teen heartthrob type; now he's turning his hand to everything.