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My team had access to the marketing site, Sales didn’t.But standing my ground would start an internal battle between Marketing and Sales.

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Before we ran the test, we already had Olark running on our pricing page.I can’t share that data but the test was inconclusive that far down the funnel.So here’s what we know: Seems like a pretty straightforward decision right? Olark is still live on the Kissmetrics site 9 months after we did the test. Here’s the thing: just because you have data doesn’t mean that decisions get made rationally. Live chat is considered a best practice (or at least it was a best practice at one point). I have no idea HOW it became a best practice considering the data I found but that’s not the point.Like most tests, you can come up with theories that sound great for both sides.Pro Live Chat Theory: Having a live chat tool helps people answer questions faster, see the value of your product, and will lead to more signups when people see how willing you are to help them.Since I had taken ownership of signups, our marketing site, and our A/B tests, I pushed back.

We weren’t just going to launch it, it needed to go through an A/B test first.

Since I had several other tests in my pipeline, I faced serious opportunity costs if I let the test run.

Running one test for 3 months means not running 3-4 other tests that have a chance at being major wins. I could have removed Olark if I was stubborn enough.

Anti Live Chat Theory: It’s one more element on your site that will distract people from your primary CTAs so conversions will drop when you add it to your site.

These aren’t the only theories either, we could come up with dozens on both sides. Do signups go up or down when you put a live chat tool on the marketing site of your Saa S app?

It’d get escalated to our CEO and I’d spend the next couple of weeks arguing in meetings instead of trying to find other wins for the company.