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No restering casual hook ups

Too bad I have to go to work now - I know I could have some fun here. I really don't feel like going - especially after a long weekend ..long enough, if you ask me! so is security.) bee ntalking a lot about that w/ scotty. Okay, it's Bar Mitzvah not Bar Mitvazh, I have to change that in my story. Come, I cannot talk to him about my personal stuff, he'll tell my parents. Sure, I've been saying this for 5 years, but I mean it this time. I'll do some more weeks of sit-ups before I look into that one though. the other person who hit them decided to come at the kid who was bleeding profusely from his head, saying, "What the fudge, man? " I stepped in between them, i love that pump of adrenaline, got to admit; and just told the guy it was no time to argue about the accident, "...let's just get the injured taken care of." That was all mature of me, right? Don't know what made me pull that, but it all almost turned into a shoving-type of debate. You mentioned I can always edit the addressee of these posts! Isn't there a Doors song that goes "blood on the streets it's up to your ankles..."? "NThen Some" has been added to Survey Central's dictionary, it will no longer be seen as an incorrect When do I go to the doctor to get some new medicine for them? by staying away or leaving it early I can't find Martin anywhere in the office, he must be skiving. You should use that fun picture of you in your sundress standing against the door with your arms wide! I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow because I can't wear that again. i was able to say these minor hurts and anger, re-feel them, and then bless them and let them go. am currently working on releasing the major ones i've been carrying around, but those are a little more ritualistic, things that i've been carrying around from S, things form my teen years, stuff like that. and you shouldn't feel guilty about this, although you are more than entitled to feel whatever you want. Oh, i saw the worlds biggest chocolate fall. ", that's getting closer to the level where you're entirely plugged and can even converse in dialogue about what's troubling you. Well at least I know who created this survey this time... more teeth are pooping through, he already has 8 of them.(poor little guy, one of the unpleastantries of life i guess. I get stressed out every time I think about going to him. I'll go get my marks tomorrow..they'rer okay, and then play at grad, and then I'm done! I thought about it, and I'm finally ready to take up jogging. done did the math; saw the red light on my own dash at the time of impact; dude was running that red light when he hit them Then! Just as I'm wondering if I should just stay up today, here comes yet another in a succession of suggestions that i go to sleep. Cheyenne reminds me of my niece, and i was busy wondering if Ceilidh is having drug issues amongst her company. It's tight quarters here, but i have had five people (family) stay over before, and any guest from SC has that welcome. Its skiving.(from Cambridge International Dictionary of English)skiveverb [I] BRITISH INFORMAL to avoid work of any type, esp. I ended up wearingblack pinstriped wide-leg pants with high-heeled dress shoes, and a sleevless white top with ruffles on the shoulders. If you're about to run out of the house to buy a car and the radio shouts "Stop, you can't afford to waste money on something that's going to break next week!

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Gee, meditations on the moon, a nova episode on moon exploration, and now radio stories on the subject. Yes, I'm always up at 1am Pacific Standard Time.gack, relates this to the time i accidentally wished destruction upon my step-fathers car years ago before i knew how to prevent such things from manifesting (a story i related in workgroup tonight). they have a pot luck the first sunday of every month at noon in a park. would they grow to resent us for not having what everyone else has? ) i don't want to put them in a dangerous situation, but have to do something, need to get back on the path and out of babylon. You can practice getting in tune by meditating, then choosing some subject to think of, clear of all others, then turning on a radio to see what god says on the matter. (wonder what was wrong with her - don't like to ask) Sciving means not working. (he says that we are going to heal the rainbows)joining, i guess is the term, the rainbows of kenosha/racine. tough choice.(would this be alright for the well being of our children, assuming that we get cheyenne? sad sadsadsadsad...that's what's keeping me here, don't want to leave the family. "Talk to yourself out loud" and "What's on your mind" have rather different tones to them. God becomes a bit abstract and ethereal, so it's more comfortable in this form to love by going right on pretending that god is a bunch of people. recalls how D was glad I didn't brink up the time-ship significance of the fixed quaternary. I had to leave my cat with mom when he passed, and we were quite close. I think my step dad will be lucid to the end and live longer by nearly a decade. Huh, wonder if trainspotting has a cult following like rocky horror, repo man, or pulp fiction. Can you wear something like a blouse i have that is silver-white paisley on white satin? I was probably writing at the time about creating save car skid trajectories. that was awesome, listened to NPR all of the time when i was home anyway. we'll be able to go now, knowing some people instead of going as "strangers" if you will. i think it'll be a great thing to do and to experience. the houses on the hillside are lined up like auditorium seating, like it was designed that way. Always so much nicer to read of someone else's troubles or perfect life than to think of my own, and be able to forget about all of the kids in school and their cruel words. The girl at the nail salon did an airbrush for me this morning though so my nails would look fresh. I find it interesting (i'm learning), that even in this format of communication, my rapport style and content inspirations are still quite dependant on who i'm commenting too (basically what goes through my mind depends on them to some extent). I can imagine not everyone getting that, or at least not the parts beyond the exposure itself. (Jungly with time travel theme)* Yep, I can see how it's easier to let go of things when the world, or something similar has nodded at it. I thing he has a sense for the energy required to create harmony, although temptations to be involved in the passion are there. Recalls how discontent I was when ex & bro took kids to AK. Recalls Odysseus hiking into the sunset for people that wouldn't recognise an oar. At worst, the valley (inland) would become an ocean again. disgruntled was not a good reaction, it led to a trace of passive-agressive cynicism in my response. (because i'm channelling that concern over the radio.)Yay, glad all these folks are happy to be finishing the school year. I wore (am wearing) a black skirt and a white blouse with lavedar fringed burgundy flowers tonight. (others neither serve nor even find themself in that predicament). when in colorado and when S went to jail, i shoved the tv in the closet, didn't even want it out. That was my most favorite day at school, I hope that he likes it as much as I did. Tomorow T takes more photos; she's doing a new series of paintings based on gender relationship/identity paradoxes. It being a survey on speaking ones mind, i spoke my mind. Maybe she had to explain just what you're saying now. *recalls dreaming of creating an entire theme park last night.This is a requested continuation of Talk to yourself out loud in public. To participate in this survey, you must say everything that comes to mind as you make comments and replies, or at least throw in the word 'censored' for things you do not wish to express. To make italics type something like Your italicised words here, then but use 'I should have a cigarette now. maybe i'll be able to dream for real again, just moved our bed around this morning to a different location in our room, am anxious to try it out tonight to see if it is indeed any better.

It's handy to put quieter thoughts in italics, but parenthesis could work too. yeah, my self image is from my teen years, maybe even one that i acknowledge, but it keeps gettin put on the back burner, for that is some deep searching.

discussed communes.(wonder if liz and alex are in one? knew them in colorado, great people, they have the right idea and more resourse to do so.(should visit them on our trip to california. don't think it's santa cruz, i imagine farther north)will be hot again today. gramma has alzheimer's, grampa is getting more and more confused and needs help taking care of her. Hah, whatever, I want to see that movie again, even though I saw it like ten times this month. We can't even find a proper nation to be colonised by." Au revoir. Another paint comercial on TV, reminds me that I need to buy all of that paint for the house before the 25th- when hubby goes to school and I can start renovations. I wonder how his neck is holding up- poor baby tore a muscle and he stayed home from work yesterday- had to go today though. My friend M is getting married to M on the 3rd- I don't really like the idea cause he has hit and hurt her but I won't say anything to her about it... I'm suggesting that I think survey central is about communication in the form of surveys... I timeshare the immersion, because it gets lonely in way.

Must check the picture board - it doesn't work, maybe he's updating it. california sounds like a place to start for we both imagine the energy there to be quicker and more creative, something we both need. ) i think that we should star as far south as our contacts are, that being dabprovin i believe.(did she say where she lived? like that thing called valium, I saw in the 'Trainspotting', that Ewan Mc Greggor character, Rents, was stealing from his mum when he wanted to get off heroin. Anyway, school is over except for graduation tomorrow, but that's okay, I think we're only playing like, two songs.i love you my dear!!! but knowing that you will see them, i'm done w/ them. love and hugs and light my friend"am I suggesting that some parallel SC exist for us to particpate in..." - well there is the whole rest of the Internet out there and myriad chat and bulletin board systems, and there is even the forum on this web site... Sometimes it's easier to just kick back and let the lord talk for me. Years ago this came to me in times of dire need, like when filling out a medical form for my daughter at an emergency hospital, someone would be in earshot delivering the answers i needed.

I'll have to watch it again without Caleb talking and playing right there. I loved keeping a journal, but it seemed like redundant effort once I started doing SC. i think that S and both almost just stumbled across it, it fell into our laps. a family and wants to hook up w/ us once we arrive. and to make matters even cooler, this lady, cindi is her name, just met the kenosha rainbows, just so happens that S and i put in a request to be on the kenosha rainbows mailing list and expressed interest in their potlucks they have. weird, for the first night sleeping on the hard floor, really does wonders, feel good getting up and such, but come the 4th night, it's having a reverse affect, all the kinks are back, hope the weather is decent for the gathering, making my message loud to the universe, that it would be really nice if it wasn't SUPER hot or SUPER rainy while we're there, hope the message is heard. thanks for the info on cali, and i didn't realize that so many users lived in california, should be exciting when we do finally make it out there. It always messes me up, damnitt-- I know that M ill have troubles with her SO even after they are married and that there will be many troubles with them before they will work it out. Why do I never know what you're talking about, like from out in left field? If the forum were in this format (single scrolling page) I might use it (as is, though, it takes 20 times as long to use, and i'm already here for hours a day) (though in this instance, I don't the forum would work either, anything activity like has been in the survey survey format as far as i know).

Glad I have a great relationship with all my doctors. My b&w stuff resembles op-art, otherwise i'd find it boring or dark too (whites quite refreshing at times though). had great programming, besides the normal NPR stuff, there was this chick on in the mornings named vicki, and she played the coolest music ever, she played everything form the dead to classical stuff to bluegrass to techno, but all really great stuff, not the typical mainstream music you'd hear on "normal" stations. i'm not even sure if liz and alex even live in ojai anymore...would be interesting if they did, for looking at the map of cali, it looks like that ojai would be our first stop and such and since we'd be south, we visit avalon, and hook up w/ you...i've got a cousin in long beach, that's by murrietta, isn't it? yeah, this road shall be tougher than the first, for we're not "innocent" in our search anymore. we got an e-mail from some people in kenosha/racine area, this is about 40 miles away from us, they're going to the gathering also. haven't mentioned the cali thing to my mom though, don't want to give her any unnecessary worries at this time, that wouldn't be fair to her since it's simply talk right now shall see though, anything can happen. a little cooler today also, a good thing, as i'm kind'a sick of sleeping on the living room floor, doing funny things to my back and what not. That makes me happy Nice nails make me smile Why does not the word 'their' follow the 'i' before 'e' rule? I might be more likely to go off into romantic daydreaming, focus, or confusion, depending on who's there. I don't miss the early toddler stage of having kids. People can see when a person is really clear headed, helpful, and unjudgemental, (thereby making the best judge.)There may exist other sites, but not with the familiar body of SC users.

The momentum, courage, innocence, and wonder become foggy memories, but indeed a change of environment with a lot of pre-meditation to make more 'total' changes helps. Doesn't sound to me like the sort of thing likely to change without much more suffering on the way first. I was thinking a lot about curling irons yesterday. (I don't think you were big on the quote the radio survey either). *recalls talks of deep space and all the helpful elucidations of biblical scripts.* *recalls my dismay finding early on that enheduanna wasn't going to be on my fantasy playmate list* *recalls having fun finding meaningful permutations of her handle* "allow the person time to set their own timing, then if they want to talk they can do so, there's another language that goes on at a much deeper level. You can't always edit the adressee, but while the comment still says 'edit', you can click 'edit', and instead of editing your comment text, go up/down to the drop-down selector and choose another adressee instead, then submit.yeah, i really dig this, it's very theraputic and healing for me.