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In Baco town near Calapan City lies Alibatan Island noted for its white sand beaches where seagulls, turtles and oysters thrive.Also in the same town are Aras Cave, famous not only for its stalactite formations but also for the peculiar presence of a falls inside the cave; and Mount Halcon (2582 m) which is every Filipino mountain climber’s dream challenge.

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This one is under the care of SVD missionary Father Erwin Thiel. Bulalacao town at the southern tip of the province got its name from the 13 islands scattered in the seas south of it, which, according to folklore, were formed by meteors crashing down the sea from space (hence the name Bulalacao or “shooting star”).Dangay Port in this town has big outrigger boats and RORO vessels that can take tourists to Odiongan in Tablas Island, Romblon or Caticlan, Aklan.For those who want to get a closer look at the province’s indigenous Mangyan population, Mansalay town below Roxas is a good starting point.After Batangas and Laguna, it’s the next best thing to Boracay that just a few miles from Manila. If you want to experience the ultimate beach life coupled with lots of partying and extreme watersports then you have Puerto Galera to go to.Otherwise, if you prefer the slow, solitude of the countryside then you can hop on a bus or jeep to go further south to see what the province has in store for you.Snorkelers, scuba divers and or those who want to be their own Robinson Crusoe will be starstrucked by its splendid coves, reefs and beaches.

There’s actually no reason for not going to Oriental Mindoro.

Puerto Galera (“port of galleons” in Spanish), a town noted for its beautiful natural harbor, is dotted with pockets of the finest white sand beaches comparable to that of Boracay.

Being situated along the Verde Island Passage (the so-called “center of the center of marine biodiversity in the world”), the town’s islands and coves hides abundant marine life in its wide stretch of coral reefs.

But one thing is clear, there is no gold in this island.

The real “gold” rests in its countryside, in the golden rice fields and thick coconut plantations, in the glowing white sand beaches, abundant marine life, lush rainforests and colorful cultures and traditions.

The province shares in the island’s mysterious history which pre-dates the arrival of the Spanish in the country.