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” And usually their question is followed by a statement like: “If not, then you can forget about me staying in treatment.” Happily, unlike sobriety for alcoholism and drug addiction, sexual sobriety is not defined by ongoing abstinence.

After that, they need to find someone to whom they can be accountable for their present and future behaviors, they need to throw away and/or delete all material related to their addiction, they need to cancel online memberships and apps that support their addiction, they need to avoid sexual gray areas (like NC-17 movies), they should agree to use digital devices only when and where others can see what they are doing, they should create visual and perhaps auditory reminders of what their addiction might cost them, and they absolutely should install filtering and monitoring software on their digital devices.This is in sharp contrast to addicts entering treatment for help with substance abuse, who nearly always understand that for them sobriety requires total abstinence from alcohol and illicit drugs.Knowing this, many cybersex addicts want to know, early in the process: “Will I ever be able to have sex again?The next steps for cybersex addicts new to recovery are defining what cybersex sobriety will look like for them, and developing a plan for establishing and maintaining that sobriety. Defining Cybersex Sobriety As discussed in my just released book, , coauthored with Dr.Jennifer Schneider, newly recovering cybersex addicts often have little to no idea what sexual sobriety entails.Instead of permanently abstaining from all sexual activity, recovering sex addicts learn to be sexual in non-compulsive, non-problematic, life-affirming ways.

For cybersex addicts to define what sexual sobriety means to them, they must first delineate the sexual behaviors that do and do not compromise and/or destroy their values (sexual fidelity), life circumstances (keeping a job), and relationships.

If going to a support group three or more times per week, exercising daily and seeing a therapist regularly are on the list, then spending time with friends, enjoying a hobby and just plain relaxing should also be on the list.

A few common outer boundary activities are as follows: Once again, and I can’t stress this enough, every cybersex addict is different.

For the next year, his behaviors did not change and his life actually got worse rather than better.

Finally, in desperation, he asked another member of the program for help, and he was assigned the task of creating a personalized definition of sexual sobriety and then a boundary plan for future sexual behaviors.

Almost immediately, the program began to work for him.